Reference TB06

This grand titled 360m2 riad to restore is an outstanding deal and super interesting. It has serious design potential and space to play with, yet provides a sensible number of rooms.

The riad is situated in the heart of Ben Youssef on one of the most atmospheric derbs in the Medina and it is an old house steeped in history.

It was originally built by a famed Moroccan mathetician, Ibn El Banna.

The structurally sound house lines each side of the generous courtyard in a perfect square shape with unusually grand and deep rooms. Please note you can get a sense of the size of the courtyard from the photos.

Interestingly, the riad benefits from extra chunks of space, (in addition to the square shape of the house, including a flat, or douriya with a small second courtyard), and this provide it with an extra dimension and real design potential.

There are some lovely notable neighbouring riads.

A plan of the property can be provided if required.

It is worth mentioning that the house is uninhabited and the growth of the tree in the patio has gone unchecked. This tree now dominates the courtyard and desperately needs to be either cut down, or trimmed, as it blocks up the courtyard space.

The price has come down from 3.6m dhs to just 1.8m dhs!