Due to growing client demand Chic Marrakech now compliment their medina real estate services with a bespoke Marrakech realty service too with the ever-growing Marrakech villa market.

Marrakech has long had a reputation for the rich architectural heritage of its riads in the medina, however now it is becoming equally renowned for the often sumptuous design of its villas set around the outskirts of the city in exotic locations such as the famed Palmeraie.

Since the eighties and nineties a wealth of renowned local architects have helped orchestrate a design explosion in Marrakech, and complementing the ornate and ancient properties of the medina are the array of European style out of town luxury villas here.

Clients entranced by Marrakech – who seek more privacy and space, and a closer connection to its African landscape, often find villas more enticing.

Interestingly, villas in Marrakech on sale are available at every budget – in a variety of settings from exclusive private residences, to beautiful manicured golf course resorts – and in so many alluring styles; from the sleek and ultra modern, to Eco build with rammed earth or pise using traditional Berber materials and techniques.

Here is a handpicked selection of unique Marrakech villas.

Luxury villas for sale in and around Marrakech