• Sophie Bossi – October 2015

    Grant is certainly a competent agence Immobilier and a friend.

    He just sold our riad to nice English buyers.

    I would recommend Chic Marrakech to anyone selling real estate in Marrakech.


  • Thierry Allegre – April 2015

    Thank you Grant indeed for all your help in selling my riad.

    It has been a real pleasure working with you these last months.

    Thierry allegrethierry@yahoo.fr

  • Brigitte Lalague – May 2015

    Dear Grant

    I want to thank you particulaly for your kindness, and your availability and your diligence in the sale of my riad – Riad Simbad. You are very professional and efficient in a lovely charming and relaxed way – and I would whole heartedly recommend you to anyone buying or selling a medina property in Marrakech.

    Warmest regards,

    Brigitte brimat@club-internet.fr

  • David Mingay – April 2015

    Well, we’ve been in our new home for 24 hours now, and we’re loving it!

    So, this is to say thank you Grant for everything you’ve done to help make the dream come true.

    David Mingay dmingay@icloud.com

  • Julia Pearson – December 2014

    In August of this year we bought a ryad in Marrakech through Grant Rawlings of Chic Marrakech. Grant was helpful and charming from day one, showing us excellent properties and dedicating endless time to us. He was fundamental in easing the way with all the practical and legal issues involved and has also organised an excellent team for restructuring our ryad. We cannot recommend Grant highly enough.

    Piero Prinetti and Julia Pearson julia.albrighi@gmail.com

  • Mandy Viquez – August 2014

    Dear Grant,

    I want to thank you for organizing so wonderfully and efficient this venture of our first real estate purchase.

    I truly appreciate your dedication and I am excited to move forward to restore the riad with your firm, your expertise and advice.

    I thank you once again for your kind support.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mandy mandyviquez@yahoo.com

  • Tony Hall – May 2014

    Thanks to the extensive efforts of Grant Rawlings of Chic Marrakech we found a beautiful renovated riad at a very reasonable price. We were guided through the purchase at all stages, which was completed smoothly.

    Importantly, his gentle good humour made our search for a riad a real pleasure. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

    His local contacts put a very wide range of property at his disposal. tony.hall1956@hotmail.co.uk

  • Scott and Laura Mackay – July 2012

    Our riad is beautiful and stunning. Thank you. We are thrilled. scott@mackayplanning.co.uk

  • Nina Campbell – November 2011

    Grant is truly talented, and sincerely made the riad renovation project both easy and fun. nina@currburn.com

  • Patricia and Dany Biasutti – November 2011

    We are truly happy with the designs from Grant at Chic Marrakech. He is kind and gentle, and understood everything we want.

    We are impatient to see the final result of our shared vision for a modern sleek riad. dany.biasutti@gmail.com

  • Jennifer Wasserstein – May 2011

    My husband and I discovered Grant through his website while we were still living in the U.S. Grant made our move to Marrakech so smooth. Not only did he find the absolute perfect house for our family, but he was extraordinarily kind and responsive to the many questions that arose. He negotiated on our behalf and answered our emails quickly and professionally.

    Because Grant is well-established in Marrakech, he was able to recruit other locals to help in the details of moving abroad when needed. Grant was consistently a pleasure to work with and we would not hesitate to use his services again in the future. We highly recommend Grant and his team! jen@immigrationgroup.com

  • Marianne Selsjord – March 2011

    I recently bought a house in Marrakech, Morocco. The process was started in November 2010, through Chic Marrakech. Grant Rawlings, who acted as my real estate agent, did a brilliant job helping me first find the house. After the decision of purchasing the property, he kindly and patiently led me through all the legal and formal processes that were necessary in order to finalize the purchase of the property.

    I have felt quite safe and relaxed during the whole process because of his professional assistance.

    I will not hesitate in recommending him wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a house in Marrakech, in need of professional and trustworthy assistance. marianne@selsjord.com

  • Christine Hilton – January 2011

    Trevor and I bought our riad just off Derb Debachi in the early summer of 2008. It did not rank as a fine example,but rather fitted the size of our pockets. It then rested, gathering desert dust for two years, by which time it had become uninhabitable.

    We named it ‘Riad Folie’ since family and friends thought us mad to have ever acquired the place. Over the months, their doubts became our doubts and the whiff of regret was in the air.

    At just that critical moment we were introduced to Grant Rawlings of Chic Marrakech, who was able to see beyond the damp, dirt, dinginess and confined space. It was his inspiration to make the ground floor mostly open-plan, allowing much needed light to flood in.

    Once we had grasped the revolution he had in mind and shared his confidence that it would be achievable, he then brought on board a team of architects and builders, who under his supervision, made it all happen.

    If we had any doubts, they evaporated when he showed us around his own home, a recently renovated riad, which is a real tribute to his creative abilities.

    The entire re-build, which all agreed was necessary, took six months to complete. We made site visits every 4-6 weeks and in the interim Grant provided us with photographs of first the demolition and then the construction. The site foreman, Mohammed, was not only very experienced in the delicate work of riad renovation, but always did his utmost to accommodate any changes we wished to make as the build progressed. There were no short-cuts, the materials and the artisans employed were of the highest standard and it was all completed according to plan.

    Throughout those six months, when so much could have gone awry, Grant was a constant reassurance. He was always on hand to anticipate any problems and to ensure that we were consulted when decisions needed to be made. We always felt that living in the medina and being a Marrakchi himself was a significant asset. Riad Folie is now finished. It was described just a couple of days ago as a ‘diamond’. It does indeed sparkle in our eyes. davison1223@btinternet.com

  • Simon Hawkesley – October 2010

    The biggest advantage with Grant Rawlings over other international property agents is the fact he is married to a Moroccan and rather than pricing against market trend, Grant and his wife visit local Simisers to gain local prices. As such… for price… Grant’s service is second to none. simon@marrakech.uk.com

  • Victoria Elliston – August 2009

    The Chic Marrakech consultancy was really good value. Grant made the entire process very painless for us! I highly recommend him. victoria@riadtimila.com