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I had to pinch myself when Chic Marrakech recently took on this new riad.

I have come across some fantastic Medina real estate in my time and some exquisite riads, but nothing quite compares to this jaw-dropping beauty.

I have waited ten years for the owners to give me this incredible sprawling titled 2,754m2 home.

It is undoubtedly the most extra-ordinary opportunity to buy and own the most impressive Medina property in Marrakech.

This palace is truly ancient and dates back to the 16th century.

It was an enormous former royal palace that was gifted to a forbearer of the current owners by the nefarious and legendary Pacha Glaouia – the last tribal warlord of Morocco.

The palace boasts an imposing gated entrance then is split into several sections and courtyards, and its principal parts comprise a tower section then a garden section.

The tower section – as can be seen in the photos, is extra-ordinarily grand and dominates the skyline of the locality – boasting breathtaking views from its lofty roof terrace.

Within it there is the most delightful woodwork and the most exquisite decorative courtyard.

Then the garden section of the palace is centred on a classic Andalucian riad style with a serious rectangular garden split between four large scale planter sections then intersecting pathways converging on a symbolic central marble and zellij fountain.

Complimenting this arrangement are two grand seating alcoves, or bhous as they are known, which are situated on either side of the garden in alignment with the central pathway and principal decorative feature of the garden – its fountain.

The bhous boast awesome views across this rare urban oasis – as do the two colonnaded open salons at either end of the garden.

The property is predominantly in good condition for its ages and is structurally sound.

Interestingly, much of its original detailing is still intact including an abundance of plasterwork, antique Moroccan doors and windows, zellij tiling, hand carved cedar wood lintels and original hand painted zouaki ceilings.

The attached photos illustrate some of the architectural details.

The price is 2m €.