Reference TB68

This is one of the most spectacular riads that Chic Marrakech have found in recent years.

It is right out of the top draw.

I know the whole medina back to front and never knew this riad even existed until I just visited it.

The property is a serious palace – situated right in the heart of the medina – in the most incredible and immediately accessible spot.

It even has immediate car access and parking just out front.

The property is circa 800m2 and built on one level – on a grand scale – with exceptional volumes.

There is a wonderful grandeur to the riad – with a five or six metre elevation.

It is a garden riad in the truest sense and boasts ancient wall fountains and bhous on two sides of the principal courtyards – and then two colonnaded facades – with ancient Zouaki woodwork and sculpted plaster detailing.

It is a wonder to behold.

The riad boasts two grand entrances – and spreads beautifully – and includes a vast old kitchen and a second patio too.

It is worth noting that any potential sale could also include several of the little neighbours too – that were once part of the property.

Further details upon request from Chic Marrakech.