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This house is unmatched in Marrakech for its sheer style and its grandiose scale.

I cannot think of another house that can touch it.

For twenty five years it has been the beloved Marrakech home of one of THE most celebrated and adored figures in fashion, and has featured in countless design mags.

The owner is utterly charming, and her warmth and style radiate in the house.

It is a sprawling labyrinth of a palace – set between eight courtyards – boasting endless different perspectives and a mind boggling layout of ancient apartments with antique detailing.

It is a truly historic home – situated right bang in the centre of the oldest quarter of the Medina, and was reinvented twenty five years ago into a trendy Marrakech retreat – very much in an old school decadent vein.

After much deliberation – the owner has finally decided to part with it – for family reasons, and wants to now discretely market the property.

It is a privilege that Chic Marrakech have been asked to take it on.

At present the main house boasts on the ground floor its own private alleyway with gated entrances, an enormous entrance hall, six different patios – each with their individual function, colonnaded passages linking them together, a guardian room, a communal loo, a kitchen with a mezzanine, two dining rooms, a full-on hammam / spa, a bedroom / salon, a vast double library, an array of five massive lounges, several reserves and a grand rear gated entrance in one of the courtyard gardens. On the first floor – scattered around the labyrinth of stairs and corridors are nine serious bedroom apartments – most with the own salons, an open salon, a winter salon, a double drawing room, a writing room, and a vast reception room. Then up on the roof is a sprawling array of terracing.

In addition to the main house, there are two ancient neighbouring houses being sold of 400m2 that the owner bought and annexed for her home.

The house is being sold fully furnished – minus several items of real personal value.

For further details, or information on the price, this is kindly upon request.