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This extra-ordinary titled 608m2 palace is undoubtedly the most selleable and impressive grand residence on the medina property market.

It is situated in a prime location in La’Ksour, adjacent to the Royal palace of Dar Bacha and the Branson Palais D’Hotes, Riad El Fenn.

Interestingly, the palace is split into two parts, one part set around a classic Andalucian style riad courtyard garden, the other set around a grand internalized colonnaded courtyard. Then it is fronted with a succession of grand gated entrances, which create a magnificent and befitting impression.

The property oozes history and was once owned by a renowned Caid in Marrakech – Caid Hajji.

Finding Marrakech property with fine original architectural detailing is becoming evermore difficult.

However this palace is blessed with an abundance of antique detailing. I have in fact never seen so many and so varied original details in a riad, such as its plentiful marble flooring, cedar wood balcony paneling, decorative colonnades, decorative forged iron, zellij wall bands, delicate sculpted plasterwork, grand hand painted feature courtyard doors and antique hand painted wooden zouaki ceilings.

These are all beautifully preserved.

The most delightful aspect though is undoubtedly the sheer variety of intricate zouaki paintwork.

Then there is the stunning and unique courtyard fountain – as per the attached photo. It is quite something.

The existing layout is extremely interesting – not least the volumes, the grandeur of the rooms and the spatial arrangement.

There is a lovely natural configuration to the rooms as well as the succession of gated entrances and abundant courtyard space.

This is complimented on the roof with numerous terraces spread out over several levels that offer enviable panoramic views across the Medina and over the luxuriant neighbouring gardens of Dar Bacha palace.

Interesingly, the palace has been restored in recent years. It is in excellent condition. Furthermore, it is structurally sound – so requires neither building work nor remedial work.

Also it is worth noting the property has been well maintained, which is unusual.

The palace only really requires some tweaks and a light refurb. In fact, nothing major at all.

As all the expensive architectural details are intact, there shouldn’t be large costs in a refurb. Any potential project would therefore be surprisingly affordable – which is a big plus. For example, I would personally leave most things as they are, and only do a few simple things, like stripping the walls and redecorating with a nice clean plaster finish to enhance the existing aesthetic.

Consequently, one could undertake a refurb without requiring a full on construction permit. This is another selling point. One could do a refurb with a simple permit for cosmetic works, which is free and obtainable in just a week.

I should mention that there is a 280m2 adjacent riad of the exact same style and age available too.

Should additional space be required, this too could be bought and the two properties could be married.

Architectural plans and price are available upon request.