Reference ES55

This is a totally unique product just up on the Essaouira property market and a one of a kind product for sale.

It is a sprawling Essaouira boutique hotel that offers enormous redevelopment potential – that nowhere else has in town.

This property boasts 1.3 hectares of gardens and is positioned in a prime location  only a few short steps from the beach in a brilliant and super accessible spot.

At present it is a popular tourist hotel with an arty and slightly bohemian Hispanic vibe and is comprised of a main villa with three suites, three small villas each with a suite and four villas offering ten suites.

The current capacity is sixteen suites, but this can be massively increased if required.

It is worth noting that the property is in a protected area and can’t be built around – so the charm of the surrounds will never be lost.

With a light refurbishment this hotel could be transformed into a stunning and utterly unique Essaouira project.

Further details upon request from the exclusive Essaouira property agents Chic Marrakech.

The price is 2.3 m Euros.