Reference TB36

This titled 700m2 palace owned by Moroccan royalty is quite simply extra-ordinary. Apart from anything else – its position is absolutely unbeatable. It is situated literally opposite the main square – La Place D’Jemma Fna – in the most incredibly convenient and atmospheric spot.

The property is now one of a kind – as almost all of the ancient palaces and large historic Medina properties have been sold.

The property is interestingly split between four sprawling sections, three grand gated entrances and two principal courtyards. There is even a tower with a jaw dropping three bedroom apartment at its top – blessed with exquisite antique architectural detailing. From here – there are the most incredible views across marrakech.

The layout and volumes of the property are very impressive – in particular in and around the main courtyard, where the ceiling heights are a lofty eight metres.

The palace boasts a mind boggling array of original architectural detailing – and there is a super cool rambling feel to the property without it being overly large and unhomely.

There is nothing like it left on the market.

The price tag of 7.5m dhs is negotiable.