Reference TB62

This is a very special historic titled 500m2 Medina property to renovate. It is a wonderful addition to the Chic Marrakech medina real estate portfolio.

It is enviably situated in the oldest area of the Medina in Marrakech – in Hart Soura – with immediate car access.

The property is in excellent condition and has been very well maintained indeed.

The property currently boasts three principle entrances – including one directly onto the main car route of the area.

The riad is split between two grand patios – one with some fabulous detailing and truly impressive architecture.

It is a lofty garden riad – in the truest sense – built originally on a single storey level – and it boasts a considerable garden space in a classic form of four planters set between the central decorative fountain.

It is worth noting that the property has been partially restored and a first floor level has been added on the back end of the house.

For further details please kindly contact Chic Marrakech.

The price is 4.6m dhs.