One of the most wonderful aspects to Marrakech is the ancient medina – with its labyrinth of alleyways – and intoxicating atmosphere and its street scenes.

It is so exotic and alluring – as are its traditional courtyard dwellings, or riads as they are known.

Riads are unique to the ancient walled cities of Morocco, and are such beautiful homes. They really are – with their
sumptuous Moroccan architecture.

With our passion for riad design and years painstakingly trawling the Marrakech medina for exceptional and authentic renovated riads – Chic Marrakech have gained the reputation as the foremost medina real estate agency.

This introductory listing below is of renovated medina properties for sale that are exceptionally beautiful, or offer something unique and special.

For a comprehensive medina real estate listing of renovated riads for sale – with off market deals, or for specific medina property requirements kindly write to Chic Marrakech on:-

Renovated riads in the Marrakech Medina for sale